October 15th, 2002

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

If it ain't one thing, it's something else...

Damn. On top of midterm exams, jack-assed Calculus professors, seemingly non-existant ECE lab partners, massive debt, not being able to graduate on time, overdue assignments, computer problems, an all but broken neck and spinal column, and everything else that's going on right now, it sounds like the transmission in my truck is going out. If Dad and I cain't fix it in the parking lot this weekend after the Homecoming game, it looks like the Big Red Machine will be up on blocks for the rest of the year. And of course, the transmission is one of the most expensive things that can go wrong on your vehicle. Just what I needed, eh?

In other news, the DVD that I've been waiting on for a month finally got here today. At least I had that much to look forward to, huh? I popped it in, and the player loaded the disc just fine, taking away my fear that the second hand disc would be sratched or otherwise defective. However, it now looks like the DVD player's starting to give up. We just got the thing at Christmas, so it's not even a year old so far. Not only that, but the TV, which has been slowly giving out, seems to be making even more rapid progress to wherever the hell old TV sets go when they die. As it was, I couldn't hardly see the movie - the screen was entirely white for much of the time. Not nearly as serious as everything else that's going on, but another thing to add to the ever growing "Insult to Injury" pile. ::sighs:: Well, at the very least the DVD player is only half mine I guess...

At least I can always depend on the guys from the Damn Show to come through in a pinch and provide some cheap laughs. Click Here for the latest news on the Sniper attacks plaguing the East Coast. Just gotta make sure I check back tomorrow and see what all went down. ::chuckles:: Be sure to check it out - anyone that reads these annoying posts where I do nothing but complain deserves something unusually funny at the end to make it all worthwhile.
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