October 7th, 2002

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown


Woke up this morning for my test. Ate a decent breakfast, studied a little bit more, got there in plenty of time. I was ready, confident even. Then Dr. Jackson passed out the tests. The front page consisted of two, 25-point problems about RTN. Furthermore, there was a third question on the last page about RTN, worth 10 points. As you can probably imagine, RTN is the one concept of which I'm still a bit shaky on it's proper implementation. I guess he added so many questions on that as a favor to us, since by this time we should have completed the RTN statements for our project by this time.

Of course, Group #11 hasn't even started it, because we were busy still working on Lab 4 from last week...::sighs::

Afterwards, I was walking past the Ferg, so I decided to grab my mail. Usually my brother gets it between classes, since often him and some classmates usually go together and grab lunch afterwards. Anyway, since I won a DVD in an auction three weeks ago today, I figured it would probably be there. Sure enough, I opened the door and saw that familiar yellow slip of paper that means "Hey! Somebody sent you something! Come to the front desk and pick it up, cause it won't fit in your P.O. Box!". It made me just wanna go Weeeeeeee, but I ain't got drugs yet. ^_^

Okay, I may have bombed that stupid ECE 480 test, but at least I can kick back, grab a beer, and watch some of my favorite Anime. Gotta watch it once to make sure it works, right? On the way to the front desk to claim my prize, I bumped into thespacecow. He was fairly excited too, thinking that it was a book that he ordered the other day. I told him that it was prolly that DVD that I ordered three weeks ago, since it should have been here late last week. Of course, just as soon as I have my heart set on watching some Anime and unwinding for a little bit, I get the package and it's far too large to hold a DVD. Suprised, I looked at the return address. "Washington? I never ordered anything from Washin.....oh". By that point, I saw the name on the envelope, and sure enough, it's for RJ. Bah.

I guess it's not really all that important, and I really should be doing Cal III homework instead, but it's just adding insult to injury. Oh well, I suppose it's back to work. I might post something a little later, when my head is so full of derivatives and logarithmic functions that I can't see straight. =P
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