October 6th, 2002

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

Yet another uneventful day.

I've spent most of today studying for a huge test tomorrow. That, and simultaneously listning to the Talladega NASCAR race on TV. Dale won (for the third time in a row!), and that evil bastard Jeff Gordon finished second to last. The only person he managed to beat was someone who had engine problems before the race even began, and pulled his car behind the wall on the pace lap. I was happy. ::smiles::

After that, I've been studying pretty consistantly, stopping once to play a round of FF9 for 30 mins or so, and stopping only once more to talk to my fiancee' for a few minutes. (I miss you so much, baby). I finally made my way through all of the lecture notes, and anout a third of the way into the text, so I guess I'm about as ready as I'm gonna get for this test. The Cal III test on Thursday, however, is another story altogether...

After studying, I took (am currently taking) a quick break to read some email and just browse a few web pages in my spare time. It is the weekend, after all, and as such there needs to be at least a small bit of leisure time. With all this cramming, it feels like Monday. ::sighs::

I really need some new d20's, so I decided to browse some webpages to see if I could buy me a few new ones to add to my collection. I looked through several pages of Google results, only to find there are five or six websites all for the same store. I hate it when a store comes up with multiple names and creates multiple webpages, when all of the pages have the same items and prices. Hell, they all even had the same layout, only with different color backgrounds and different titles! That should be some form of deception...I guess it doesn't hurt the consumer, as all those places had the same prices and all, but it is sneaky and there should be some kinda law against it. =P

In the end, I only dropped by two websites: RPG Shop (the one that had half a dozen clones) and the Chessex homepage. The first one didn't have anything extremely nice, with one noteable exception. Most of their items were things I could get cheaper at Ground Zero, plus not have to pay shipping & handling for. ^_^

However, they did have a link to what had to be the ultimate in dice collectables, the "Golden Fleece of Geekdom". Check these dice out...I like the silver, obsidian, quartz, hematite, agate, and malachite ones the best, personally. WAY too much money to ever justify spending on seven dice, but damn if they ain't cool.

Over at the Chessex page, however, they had a much smaller selection, but some very cool dice to choose from. I've been there in the past, but they never had anything in particular that caught my eye. However, now they have two uber-cool new styles of dice that they just recently released: Borealis and Vortex.

The Borealis dice completely rock out - they are clear, but full of glitter to make them really shine. They have lotsa different colors, but the clear and the blue/purple ones look the neatest. Not all that expensive either; the standerd 7-die pack is around nine bucks, which is a little over a dollar each. More than I usually like ot pay, but for a really nice set like these, it's a fair price. (The folks over at Sincere Comics charge a buck apiece for the really crappy ones that you can get online for 15-25 cents). I'll prolly end up getting a set of both the clear and the purple ones next time I happen to have some spare cash (lol). Here's another shot of this style that I found on eBay. Pretty...

The Vortex dice aren't as flashy as the other ones, but look really sharp. The red, green, and blue all look great, and I might have to grab a set of one of them one of these days as well...just have to decide which of those colors looks the slickest. lol. These were only seven bucks for the standard seven set, so I might be temped to grab a set of each color (again, next time I fall into some spare cash, which likely won't be for some time).

Well, I guess that's all for now. I'm about to go back in the Living Room and study some more until it's time for the Slayers to come on at ten, or whenever Laura gets a break from her workload and is able to call for a little while. Wish me luck!
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