September 27th, 2002

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

DONT READ! Yes, this means you! This is meant for only ONE person! No! (so, are you reading it yet?)

Since I'm on a ranting and raving kind of a mood right now (and since "the big fight" is now over), I'm gonna go ahead and takle three things that really irk me. And no, this isn't pointed specifically at any one person, but rather all the cretins that do such stupid things on a daily basis.

Topic number one: Are you reading this post? Of course you are. But didn't you read the title? People who use titles like this are complete and utter morons. Either that, or they are trying (and failing miserably) to be sneaky, devious and/or crafty. If you sincerely want one and only one person to read something, try sending an email. Or a letter. Phone call? Any of these methods ensure that the only person to get said message is the person that it is intended for. Also, how is one to know whether a message with that kind of title is intended for them or not? Of course, the only way to know is to read it. But by the time you realize it's not talking about you, you already know most of what the post says, who it was meant for, and so on. Even if you already know it's not meant for you, seeing such an obvious disclaimer makes you want to read it, just for the sensation of knowing something you're not supposed to know.

On the other hand, no one can really be that stupid. In the age of email, cell phones, fax machines and pagers even a complete imbicile knows how to get in touch with someone. Therefore, the only reason to make a post with that kind of a title would be to attempt to trick or mislead people. It's obviously meant for everyone, as it was posted in a public forum. By doing this, the author of said post can give only one side of the argument, try to look completely innocent, attempt to look like they are the victim, and have the last word. This is obviously not the case, and anyone that spends more than three seconds thinking about it can clearly see through this ruse. However, I've been seeing this more and more on various message boards and now here on LJ. Since it's so blatantly obvious what people like that are attempting to do, anyone that tries such nonsense will be exposed and publicly humilliated.

Topic number two: The previous topic also applies to people who "accidentally" hit Reply to All on emails. While the above rant is annoying, this one just ticks me off. One time in particular I remember getting really pissed when I intentionally responded to an email by Replying to All. It made one of the people I was replying to look kinda bad (hence the reason I tried to notify the entire group), and they simply didn't want to let me have the last word. So, they write a huge rebuttal, attempting to make me look stupid in the process simply to save their own ass. The last line of the email? "Oops, I just now realized that we're sending this convo to the entire group. Remember to hit Reply rather then Relpy to All next time. Cya!"

First off, it's blatantly obvious that you intentionally hit Reply to All. If you truly didn't mean to send it to everybody, you would have simply hit Reply. Instead, you take time to write a few lines about it, and continue to Reply to All anyway. You must have noticed that the previous letter had been sent to everyone before you sent your response, as indicated by you writing two or three lines about it. Yet you choose to Reply to All anyway, and nievely try to play it off as an accident.

And it's twice as aggervating because it means I can't call you on it. If I hit Reply to All in response to that last mail, I'll look like an idiot. Also, if I reply to tell you the obvious (all of the above two paragraphs), it will look more like I'm pointlessly bickering rather than getting my job done. As with the above case of people writing LJ's or Message Board posts specifically for one person, any jibrone that does this kind of thing will also be publicly ridiculed.

Topic number three: Last one for today, I promise. Like the other two topics, this is basically just another instance of the same gripe. Don't ever tell someone "I don't mean to be ______, but..." anything. It's obvious that you meant to tell them whatever it was you wanted to say, or else you wouldn't have said it. Excusing yourself beforehand doesn't mean you can get away with it. No more than I can tell the police that I'm really sorry for the bank I'm going to rob next Tuesday at 3:15pm and expect them to let me get away with the crime.

If you tell someone "I don't mean to make you feel ugly, but did you realize that you looked like a bloated whale in that outfit? My god, you need to have around 17 hours of liposuction (as well as a facelift, makeover, new wardrobe, nose and/or boob job) before you should be allowed to go out in public!", then it's going to make them feel ugly. You saying that you didn't really mean it isn't going to change anything. It aggrivates me to no end seeing people use these social contrivances to basically get away with murder.

Without the disclaimer, it's simply a blatant insult. With the disclaimer, apparently society dictates that one can get away with it. I just think that's absurd. It happens too frequently to publicly ostracise folks that do it, but it's stupid. Don't say it. If you want to say something, just say it - don't spend all day trying to sugar coat it to make it less harsh, and by doing so, make you less of a bad guy.
Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

And now, for something a little lighter...

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm an old-school video game junkie. I don't care how purdy the 3D graphics or CD quality sound is on some of these newer, "next generation" systems - they just ain't as fun as some of the older games. I haven't played most of my newer games since the first time I beat them, but I play the original Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy games quite often (pretty much every time I go home for the weekend), as well as other old-school classics that never really seemed to catch on with the newer systems, such as Geurilla War, Ninja Gaiden, Bionic Commando, as well as countless others that I'm too lazy to name right now.

That being the case, I'd like to share with you one of my favorite links, and one that I nearly forgot about until just recently. It's an online comic strip, featuring the characters from Final Fantasy (yes, the original one). Now, with the exception of Final Fantasy VII, FF1 has to be my favorite in the series. Even as much as I enjoyed FF7, I have beaten the original FF many times more than I have with any of it's younger siblings. Unlike most RPG's of today, you get to choose who you want the main characters to be. Also, the game can have a much different feel depending on who you choose for your initial party. I guarantee a party of all Fighters or all Red Mages or all Black Mages will be much different than playing with the min/maxed group of Fighter, Black Belt, White Mage, and Black Mage that we've all come to know and love.

Anyway, this comic, aptly named "8 bit theatre", features these charmingly old-school characters in all of their NES glory, complete with backgrounds ripped straight out of the game. In fact, the word bubbles are more technologically advanced than many of the entire frames. heh. Another good point is that, while it is based on the game "Final Fantasy", you can enjoy the hell out if the comic even if you've never played the game. There are a few occasional in-jokes, but with each of the two dimentional characters and their one dimentional personalities, it's easy to follow along with even if you know nothing about the Final Fantasy universe. Also, unlike the typical four-panel comic, "8 bit theatre" gives you just over a dozen panels per episode. A refreshing change of pace, indeed. That, and unlike most web comics, this one is actually quite humorous. ^_^

My favorite part about it probably has to be the fact that it's a continuing saga. Unlike most comics that give you a completely seperate story each time you look at one, each of these starts off at the end of the previous one. Sometimes it takes four or five "issues" to really complete an event, such as a battle or a trip to a town. Not to worry though - it took him fifty or so episodes just to get through the first few minutes of gameplay. ::chuckles::

Anyway, it's an old link that most of you prolly have already seen a hundred times before, but I'm posting it here on request for someone else who I just found out last night has never heard of it. Hope y'all enjoy!
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