December 6th, 2001

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown


I wake up to go to my CS 403 class, and Parrish tells us that he's dropping our lowest grade. That means that I'm off the hook for forgetting about that paper! Whoo-hoo! Class today only lasted 5 minutes, too - just long enough for that announcement, and to fill out teacher evals. After killing an hour and a half on various things, it was time for my 9:30, CS 457. Dr. Vrbsky bought the class doughnuts! There were half a dozen boxes of Krispy Kremes: glazed, chocolate, kruellers, and ones with chocolate icing and red, white, and green holliday sprinkles. She also brought OJ, and some bagels for those nutballs that didn't like KK. I'm a happy boy, oh yeah. Well, probably not for much longer - I'm probably going to be trapped in the EE 116 labs until midnight, or I finish two I said, midnight. Oh well, after this, I'll be free at last.
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Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown


Look how quickly a good day turns into a mediocre one turns into a disaster. Well, things aren't really all that bad, but it's still a pain, in more ways than one. Of my two CS 457 projects, one was an individual assignment, and the other, a group assignment. I made a little progress on Project 5, the solo one, but not as much as I'd hoped. My group was supposed to finish up the other one, Project 3, today after class. Paul is still a no-show; I think he accidentally fell off the edge of the world. Hong Gao did show up, however, but all the info she put into our Oracle database was not there when she tried to access it. Apparently, she didn't commit it after the data entry from last time. Luckily she had the foresight to have it all typed into a MS Word document.

The syntax was horrid, but I managed to fix all of the errors to what was there, and repair the code fragments that she thought were unusable. With these modifications, I easily got us back to where we were by cutting-and-pasting the word document, one command at a time, into the SQL+ prompt. Of the five parts to that assignment, we ended up getting three of them done. She quit early; she said there was nothing else she could do, so she emailed what we had already to Vrbsky, and called it a day. I remained in there for a while, trying to solve the puzzle, but eventually the pain shooting up my spine became too much for me to bear. I came home, and am hoping for the best with Vrbsky. Her office hours were today, so Hong may have possibly have went there after departing from the lab.

Anyway, I've been lying in bed, therapeutic pillows cradling my spine, but still unable to ease the pain. Drugs have little effect on me, much to my dismay, so taking a double-sized dosage of Ibuprofen is doubtful to help - but I guess it's at least worth a shot. Sure, being basically drug-resistant is kinda cool sometimes; at parties, for instance, it means I'm fairly good about holding my liquor, but when I'm hurting, it only means OTC medication is a waste of my time. Hell, even Loritabs don't phase me much...half a pill is more than enough to drop my Mom for most of the day, and a single pill knocks even big guys like John on their asses for ten hours or so. Me? No such luck...last time I took one, Laura was over there with me, and I ended up staying awake for another 4 hours before even getting slightly drowsy, and ended up staying awake for another hour or two after that. Oh well, maybe one day I'll be able to use this quirk of mine to do something cool like the guy from "The Princess Bride". LOL, I almost typed "bribe" by mistake...must still be thinking about that CS project. Total Freudian slip, I assure you. ^_^

Okay, I'm too drained to go back to the lab - in fact, I'm just lying in bed for the most part, hopping up to check something online when I think about it or go to a website or two out of sheer boredom. I don't have much more time to do work - semester ends tomorrow, and I'm going to have to finish up the entire solo project within 28 hours or so. I can't post to the PoA Boards, since they're still down. I'm too tired to think, too hurt to do anything, and too bored just to sit here, staring at the wall and listning to my ever-growing MP3 collection (which BTW is now up to an enormous 10 gigs and 2,800+ songs of various genres).

But least I got free doughnuts!!
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