Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

More Anime-related quizzes

Nothing like some Anime quizzes to get your mind off of how everything sucks...

If I were a Slayers character, I'd be Zelgadiss Graywords!  Who would you be?
Filia (the dragon miko) was a close second, in case anyone wants to know.

Damn, and I wanted to be Duo Maxwell. Oh well. no "God of Death" for me.

I guess it sounds like me, even if I'm not a girl.
Maybe I should go out and kick a few puppies...then maybe I'd be badass enough to be one of the villians instead. At least then I'd be a guy. Heh.

Oh well. I suppose that's enough for now. Time to go take my truck back to the shop.

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