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I fucking hate college sometimes...

Yeah, keggers are always fun. Some of the best times I think I've ever had were the Friday nights here in room 918 a few years back. Yeah, it's nice getting cheap football tickets every season. That goes double for this week, because the Iron Bowl is just two days away. But despite all the obvious benefits, I really fucking hate college sometimes.

And not just for the big things, like midterms or group projects where you're the only member of the group that actually does any of the work or Cal III teachers of unknown ethnic origin that can barely speak English and yet try to explain complex mathematical concepts to a room full of young adults who really could care less. In fact, it's the non-acedemic side of things that's really pissing me off now.

Today, while discussing a group project, I found out that Jason's going to be graduating in just a few weeks. (For those of you that know me IRL, this is Jason W - not Jason E. I have a really bad habit of making lots of different friends with the same two or three names). Jason's got to be one of if not the single most interesting person I've ever met, and we've became fairly good buddies in the four and a half years we've been stuck in the same CS classes together. And now, I find out that he'll be gone forever in less than a month. At least with all of my other friends, I could see it coming. This blow was unexpected, and therefore caught me off guard and knocked me flat on my ass.

First it was Ben and Adam. While they weren't the social party animals, and not the kind of friends you go barhopping with and get drunk with on Saturday nights, they were both cool as fuck in their own way. We had tons in common, and really bonded in the years that we spent as roommates. Then last semester Lee left. Lee's been my right-hand man since our first year together, when we were both each other's first roommate and friend outside of our respective hometowns. Even though our schedules kept us from hanging out quite as much as we would have liked, Lee was probably my best friend from up here. I know I prolly sound pretty sappy by this point, but the apartment just seems empty without them here. It really fucking sucks trying to earn a five year degree (Engineering) while almost everyone else is on the typical 4 year track. One by one, everyone I know is moving off, and things are getting more and more miserable here by the second.

Graduation, why do you torture me so? I don't know what's worse...your mocking me and staying just out of reach, or the fact that you're stealing everyone that's important to me one gratuate at a time. BAH!

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