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Today's Breaking News

Cooter Lost - Most of y'all have already read my previous journal about how Cooter was running for a spot the government again. In what surprisingly turned out to be a landslide, Ben "Cooter" Jones isn't going back to serve another term in the House after all. Hell, I know that if I was in Virginia, I woulda voted for him. Bah.

As for the local polls...
Bob Riley - 663,048 votes (49%)
Don Siegelman - 657,688 votes (49%)
John Sophocleus - 22,851 votes (2%)
So far, 97% of the votes have been counted.

Pac-Man: the Motion Picture - Of all things, Pac-Man is going to be made into a movie. Yes, PAC-MAN. As bad as Double Dragon, and more recently, Resident Evil were.....can Hollywood actually be thinking that this is a good idea? ::blinks::

Missile Command - After reading the above link, you probably don't think that it can't get much worse. Well, on one hand, at least they're not making "Missile Command: the Motion Picture". On the other hand, it's not a movie - it's real. I dunno if this one's cool or scary...
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