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It smells like....Victory

There's lots of downsides to being a Computer Science student. Yeah, we get made fun of on occasion because we're geeks and don't have a "cool" job, like being a fireman or something. More importantly, we got the hands-down hardest classes on campus; despite the College of Engineering having the highest average ACT score of any of the colleges here at UA, we still somehow manage to have the lowest overall GPA. But I'll be damned if we ain't good with numbers. ::smiles::

Tonight was the second time in about as many weeks that having a good head for useless statistical information has come to my aid. The first was a time when I casually pulled out a copy of the Nuckolls/Beito report on grade inflation out of a back issue of "the Strip" that I had saved because it also had the annual "Campus Survival Guide". (I was challenged on my statement that the Engineering school was the only college that did not show any grade inflation - it actually had gone down five or so percent - while the Business and Education schools were the two highest ones at 100% and 165% inflation, respectively.)

Tonight, it was as easy as looking up some info on the RIAA website. When I mentioned that one of my favorite artists, Garth Brooks, was the all-time top selling solo artist in history, I was all but laughed at. To prove the doubters wrong, I quickly loaded up the most recent list of top selling artists to have my claims backed up in full. Not only is Garth the top selling solo artist, but he is also tied for second with Led Zepplin in the overall category. The only folks ranked higher than Garth was the Beatles, and when you consider that the Beatles and Led Zepplin and the like have been selling records for far longer than Mr. Brooks has, seeing Garth ranked so highly is quite an accomplishment. The lists were updated as of Friday, so feel free to go and take a look. ::smiles::

I know, in the long run, having a head full of totally irrelivant trivia is not likely to help me out very much in my life, aside from the miniscule chance that I'll end up on some random game show. But with so many of the downsides of CS becoming more and more apparent with each upcoming project and exam, I gotta look for the silver lining somehow. Being able to recall random numbers and statistics just so happens to be one of them. Being one of the highest paid college degrees (tied with EE and only slightly behind ChemE) is another.

Anyway, that's enough of me trying to look at the good side of things. Guess it's time to quit citing statistics and get back to my homework. Anyone wanna guess which class it's for? ^_^;
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