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Just my luck...

The newest installation of how I'm repeatedly getting the short end of the stick happened today. You all probably know that I'm in serious debt, and that my scholarships ended this semester, and that they lost my FAFSA information, and so on. Since the University can't even talk to me about matters relating to Financial Aid until they see my FAFSA has been filled out, I've been stuck waiting. I logged onto the FAFSA web site, but was not able to fll out the form as I needed a PIN number to digitally "sign" my application. Bah. They said it would take approximately two weeks for them to mail my code to me. It's been over a month so far.

Here's where things get funny. I passed thespacecow in the Ferg today as I was dropping off some paperwork. I saw a real official Government-type envelope on top. I tore off the perforated top and the sides while I was standing there talking, and sure enough, it was my PIN number. Whoo-hoo! Maybe now I can actually get started on fixing the FAFSA people's mistake and get my info back on record. Well, I do what I normally do, and set today's issue of the school paper and my mail down on a table to save my spot. I was gone maybe three minutes grabbing me some cafeteria food, and when I came back, the stuff was gone. I looked around...surely no one moved my stuff so they could sit there, cause there were two or three unused tables nearby. I saw a cleaning lady in the corner, and asked her if she saw my mail. The stupid bubble-headed blonde kinda stuttered, looked dazed and confused, and said she thought it was trash. I wanted to ask her how she thought it was trash, seeing how I walked to the table, set it down, and walked away. If the paper has been sitting there half an hour, then sure, it's trash. But when it's only been there a minute or two, and you see the guy walk to the table and set it down and then walk into the food court, it's pretty safe to assume that the guy didn't accidentally mistake the table for a trash can. Bah.

Normally, some mail getting thrown away wouldn't be that big of a deal. Honest mistake. It's never happened before, but I chalked it up to someone that wasn't paying attention. However, the mail I got today was pretty important. I didn't even get to read any of it besides the one with my PIN number. I guess I gotta send in another application for a PIN, and hope it gets here before Christmas. It'll be way too late for this semester, but at least it'll be there just before next semester's deadline.
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