Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

doing my part for the googlebomb

(This entry has been backdated, since at the time of the posting my journal was "friends-only" and due to the nature of things, this post has to be a public one.)

From tibstanglewood:

bigoted assholes

To up the chances of swaying Google's search algorithm, it's widely believed you have to do the following:

1) You have to make the words a link to AFA like I did. Like so:

[a href=""]bigoted assholes[/a] but replace the [ characters with < characters

2) You may have to change your LJ user options. One of your user options (under Manage:Info) is to tell indexing spiders such as Google uses to go away. Google respects that command (not all search engines do), so if that's checked off for you the googlebomb attempt won't count. You can still pass it on, though.

3) Obviously, any post has to be public -- Google can't read your page even if you've given it permission if the post is friends-only.

4) You've gotta get your friends to do the same thing -- you can cut and past these instructions if you'd like. It turns out that "bigoted assholes" is a pretty common epithet for fundies, so to get Google to refer to the AFA rather than a site ranting about them it's gonna take tons of links.
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