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Make a Difference!

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm not the "tree hugging hippie" stereotype. Far from it. But if you can save lives without any inconvenience to yourself, then you'd be a heartless bastard not to. That being said, I wanted to post a few links that simply by clicking on them help to save peoples lives. They don't send spam, they don't ask for credit card numbers or email addresses or anything of the sort. And no, I'm not getting paid to advertize for these sites - I genuinely just want to help people.

All you have to to is go to the page, and click the big button at the very top. Every time you do this, you will save a section of the rain forest, give a bowl of food to the hungry, or help give medicine to the ill. All it takes is one click, and you can do it once per day. Each of the sites above are all related and cross-linked to each other, so you can go from one to another by following the links. They also recieve money from you clicking on their sponsors, so if you have to log onto to buy a textbook for school anyway, do it through one of these sites and Amazon will give some of the money to that charity.

This site has five buttons, each of which save parts of a rainforest or an endangered species of animal or reduces pollution. If you wish to make monetary donations or sign petitions or the like, they have links to these places, but the site itself makes donations based on the number of times the button gets clicked. As with the previous sites, it only asks you to click the button once per day, and costs you absolutely nothing.

It takes me all of a minute or two (literally) to click on all of the donation buttons on all of these sites, and so far I've saved thousands of square feet of the rainforest and who knows how many lives. If you want, these sites can keep track of just how much of a difference you've made. It's quite rewarding to log onto one of these sites and see how the donations begin to add up in no time at all. ^_^

If your on the computer anyway (which I know you are, as you're reading my online journal), then surely you can spare enough time for ten clicks of the mouse. Next time you log onto LJ to update your journal, please try to remember that 24,000 people die from starvation every DAY. More than an acre of rainforest dissapears every SECOND. Take one minute out of your busy schedule, and click one if not all of the links here. Feel free to post these links on your LJ's as well - the more people that know about sites like this, the fewer people have to die.
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