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New Pics!

Hehe. I decided to go ahead and give LJ five bucks to test out all these spiffy "members only" features. It's only five bucks, and as much as I log on to here, I figure the guys in the back deserve a little pizza money. Especially since in a year or so from now, I'll be in their shoes - working for some company and hoping that the users donate some cash and/or can't find out a way to hack copies of the software, burn them onto CD-R's, and distribute them to all their friends. =P

I don't know what all paid users get that regular users don't, but one of the features is being able to search through other user's profiles and such. I bet I can find some interesting people in eight weeks, and once I get their names, then they'll be on my Friends list even after the paid account expires. If I find anyone interesting, then I suppose it's worth the five bucks. That, plus I have a few more access codes, in case anyone needs 'em.

If nothing else, after my two month trial is over, I still get to have ten pics instead of the normal three, as long as I pick the ten ones I want ahead of time and not constantly switch them around. Check out my new pics if ya wanna! ^_^
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